Can Unity 3D utilize realtime VST dsps or VSTi's on it's audio input?

If not, what approach would one take to use an existing VST realtime audio effect/processor on wav input into Unity and also use the VSTs audio output within Unity? Am I dreaming or is this remotely possible with Unity today?


It’s should be easy enough to implement for a good DSP coder, it’s unlikely anyone has had time to do that yet although it’s worth checking.

there is this

if you get VSTI support, then you can use Unity as a control GUI and interaction tool for the prgram Synthmaker/flowstone which is a robotics/vsti making program, so that would be interesting.

Hi there . There is something like what you describe in here :

its called Teleport , apparently you can use it as a Audio Unity in your DAW and send audio directly to unity…

Yet i cant use it since im in Windows . I asked a question just before about this.