Can Unity be used to build websites?

I know Unity can be used to build games and deploy them using the unity web player, but can it also be used to create websites and publish them?

It could, but would restrict your website to pc’s and macs (no mobile devices), + it would require every visitor to install the webplayer plugin. Massive overkill, in my opinion…

A standard website with a UnityPlayer embedded somewhere seems much more reasonable.

Landscape has tightly integrated Unity support now. You can build entire responsive websites with the combo, very easily.


I am also interested in create some web content with Unity and HTML5 seems to be the best option.

There’s some directions out there using Unity and Three.js:

From Unity to Three.js

Unity exporter tutorial

Also, it may be helpful to take a look in some basics:

Getting Started With Three-js

Using WEBGL to add 3D Effects to your Website

I haven’t tried it, but it looks like you just export it as a WebGL project.