Can Unity be used to create (non-game) applications for iOS?

I want to create iOS applications, not games. Can Unity do this as well? I find that XCode/Objective-C are way over my head and can’t seem to grasp it. I have created applications using RealStudio, Flash, and AppMobi, but wondered if Unity had any advantages over these? Are there any examples of iOS applications created with Unity? I’ve only seen games.

Yes is the basic answer - but you might be better off with an AppMobi as it is free and has a bunch of plugins for useful stuff in the OS.

Unity will be faster at graphics rendering and a lot slower to build the code for a standard look and feel IOS app.

Consider Corona for cheap and easy iOS development that is very native-looking, if that’s what you want.

In answer o your question. If you literally want an “iOS -looking app” … then you you cannot do that with Unity.

So, for the stuff you see in this image:

you can’t do it in Unity. Just use XCode, or perhaps something like Corona. (To be honest I’m not 101% certain if you can do all those in Corona, follow your own light. There are other"easier than XCode" systems out there.)

You can definitely 100% do fantastic apps with Unity, that are not games. However is you specifically want the “iOS interface elements look” you cannot realistically do that with Unity.

Hope it helps!