Can Unity build android without android studio ?

I wish to know if Unity can build an Andoid apk file ( to upload on the google play ) without external tools such as Android Studio ?

When I try to do so, Unity asks me to give the path to the sdk root folder even tho I did include the android package when downloading Unity. I have seen people do so without issues and am wondering if I did not mistackenly set an option somewhere .

Must I download Andoid Studio or can Unity do the build without it ?

The Unity Android extension provides the tools to compile Android APKs with no effort, but it needs access to the Android SDK, which must be downloaded separately. The easiest way to get and update this SDK is through Android Studio, and the other way is through command prompt and downloading the android tools package from the Android Studio download page. I recommend the first option.

Check this guide and you’ll have your Android game deployed in no time!