Can unity create a continuase world??

Hi i am trying to make a world that i continue to walk in circles E.G: like i am in America right now i take a plane and i go around the world and end up back in America. basically i want to make the world round so characters have a eternity of exploration and can travel literally around the world now my question is: Is it possible to create a round world in Unity 3D Pro????

You could also cleverly disguise your flat world as a sphere by teleporting the player back across the terrain at certain intervals (this is often how it was accomplished in 2d worlds). You'll need to invest a lot of time in looping the world seamlessly on the graphical front (or make clever use of Fog or caves or some non-terrain asset).

You can do that using procedural content. If you want the world to be literally spherical, you'd have to write your own routines since Unity doesn't have any built-in functions for it.

No, having the entire world in one scene would be massive and probably freeze up even the best computers.

Instead what you'd want to do is to tie the scenes together by loading a scene when you enter a trigger. Each scene would contain a specific portion of the terrain, and you could, in theory, wrap back around to America if you did that.