Can Unity do this? (Background GPS triggers)

Haven’t tried Unity yet and the answers on the matter that I found on the forums are non-definitive in my opinion.

I just spent a month using another cross app development framework to discover it has no way to let an app in background keep monitoring gps positions and behave accordingly: the gps tracking and listening to events ends as soon as it is put in background. (yes, my fault, I should have checked it first). Basically, it is a simple touring app, I don’t want the user to always keep the smartphone in their hand but rather enjoy the surroundings, then when they get to sensible hotspots, I make the device vibrate or play an audio file, or a notification … the crux is, phone is in their pocket, possibly locked, and the listening for gps location or other triggers needs to be made in background.

So, now wiser and before I use up another month to see if it is possible or not by myself - is there a definitive answer on that? Some say that the app needs to be flagged as run in background BUT that that setting only works for web player and PC … others say it is possible.

So, is it possible or not? the answer to this question would make me switch over to Unity over the previous framework, so it is vital for me to have a definitive answer, even better if there were a Proof of Concept app or code that I could try myself to see if it fits my bill …

Many thanks!

This project was done in Unity and used background location and audio. That said, native code was needed for both iOS and Android in order to make it work.

check here:

Thanks @splitpete , that’s a very interesting use case. what was the part that needed native code ?