Can Unity generate human models from picture?

Hello, I was wondering if it was possible for a user to have a webcam, and take a front and side profile picture, and have unity generate a characters face for them ingame. Similar to the Mii generator on the 3DS, but without the preset eyes and mouths etc.

Yes and No… Unity has zero support on this feature out of the box, in fact unity has virtually nothing in this regard, it engine that you design. that’s what makes it so versatile and malleable. your problem has virtually nothing to with unity its self. in other words unity won’t do it for you but it can be done within it.

but is probably possible if your willing to work really hard at it, many things are possible within unity that it does not come with. however generating 3d detailed meshes from a picture is a really daunting task, your basically need to do some edge detect algorithms… Oh god, its… its nightmare. its even harder because you going straight from scratch… look I strongly suggest you get real good practice in programming and a really good understanding of how the 3ds does that exactly or you will be in the dark on this one.

Unity has a MeshClass that you will need and the webcam texture.

you can use that for the actual generation. but as i said, it is an absolute nightmare of a job.

I hope this answer’s your question