Can Unity Remote be installed without an App Store License?

I recently bought Unity iPhone Basic, and I've been going over some of the documentation. I was wondering if its possible to install Unity Remote on my iPod Touch before purchasing an App Store license from Apple. I don't have the money right now for a license, but I would like to start developing games.

From what I've read it looks like you need the license first, and all of the topics about installing Unity Remote on the forum start off with "This is assuming you've done x, y, z"; which I haven't.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "App Store license". But you do need to participate in the Apple iPhone developer program (which costs $99 per year) to get the certificate you need to install Unity Remote. EDIT: Unity Remote's also available through the App Store - so you can use Unity Remote without those certificates.

However, you'll still need that certificate to install your own games built with Unity iPhone to test them on the device.

Basically, what you need is to self-sign any applications you want to upload to your iPhone / iPod touch; and for that, you need the certificate you get in the Apple iPhone developer portal (which you can access once you've registered and paid).

No, but that's an iPhone OS restriction, not a Unity limitation. The only way that you can install unsigned applications onto an iPhone (for instance, installing the Unity Remote or your built applications without going through the signing process) is by jailbreaking the device.

Of course at this point you're outside the usual toolchain, won't be able to get support through the forums and will likely need to learn how to scp things into the device, so it has its tradeoffs.