Can Unity use OS to open program in game?

The only programming I’ve learned is HTML, CSS, javascript, and have been reading threw “Head First Java” however Im willing to learn whatever it takes to make this possible. I had the thought that I would buy an Occulus Rift Dev kit and create a “Virtual Reality Operating System”, the idea isnt new (when I thought of it I thought it was new) but its a project worth working on.

Anyhow, I’m FAR from actually getting down to writing my own OS, especially one based in a 3D environment rather than 2D monitor. So I figured the best way to at least demo this would be to make it in a game engine. So when you open up the ‘game’ instead of playing something, this will be the interface. Leaving me at two restrictions:

  1. Needed a Engine that supported the Rift, or at least could be tweaked to support it.
  2. An Engine that can emulate the programs that windows runs. ex/ Open up Chrome Window which will be on a flat plane object floating above the users head.

Ive found 3 options: Unity, Unreal Engine, and Blender. Id have to either learn Untiyscript/ C++ / python respectively.

These all work with the rift in various degrees but I need to know if its even possible to get programs to Show their window and let me Interact with them. If not Windows what about in Linux?

What you would need to do involves getting a “screenshot” from your computer (maybe), then converting that to a Texture2D object, then rendering the texture using Unity. Unless you write an emulator for your operating system, you won’t be able to run programs from your operating system inside a program of your operating system. After you’ve gotten that working, you then have to worry about getting input to work. You’d need to first get some sort of mouse like input from the occulus rift, then relay that input back to the operating system (maybe)

Just a note, it hardly seems like you’ve done much game programming what-so-ever, nor do you seem to have the knowledge about how an operating system works. Maybe it’s not such a good idea for your first project in a new language/environment be an operating system emulation layer inside of a game engine.

I also can’t imagine how painful it would be to use programs designed to be used with the mouse and keyboard using just an occulus rift, or similar VR-ware. Just look at how the magnificent tablet OS for PC’s turned out… (windows 8)