Can Unity3D run on a Virtual Machine Mac OSX?

My main goal is not to buy an apple computer just to publish my apps on the iOS AppStore. So I need to confirm 1st if Unity3D can run on the Virtual Machine Max OSX? And my PC is running Windows. I hope it can run.

I don’t know why it is not possible! Personally, I create iOS application (XCode) using a VM Mac OS; and that’s working!
Of course, Unity (as all 3D program) is more CPU/GPU consumer, and it can be hard to use it under a VM; but technically, if you can build a XCode application, I don’t know why you can’t build a Unity Application!

I am currently running Unity3d 4.3.3 on a Mac OSX Mavericks VMware image on a Dell Inspiron N5110 with a linux host. I’m using primusrun for graphics acceleration and Mac OS itself is running fast, but due to the rendering power needed, unity is running a bit sluggish. It’s sort of usable.

My specs:
i5-2430M @2.40GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M

Hope this helps.

You need Unity running on a Mac (outside a VM) to build for iOS. You can run Unity inside a virtual machine running Windows on a Mac, but that won’t build for iOS.

You might be asking if you can run a hackintosh in a VM on a PC? If that’s what you are asking, I don’t know the answer.