Can Unity3d webplayer use .net libraries like these

I'm trying to find some math/statistics libraries that I can use in the Unity3d webplayer. My understanding is that unityscript has access to some .net libraries at least some of those that are included in mono? Is that correct? Is it possible to use these other libraries in the webplayer? Could someone explain what can and cannot be used?

Here is a list of math/statistics libraries. I'd like to know if I can use any of them:

Here are some links:

1) Mathdotnet, A mathematical open source (MIT/X11, LGPL & GPL) library written in C#/.Net, aiming to provide a self contained clean framework for symbolic algebraic and numerical / scientific computations.

2) IMSL C# Numerical Library for Microsoft .NET Applications (Paid)

3) Extreme Optimization Mathematics Library for .NET

A partial answer in case anyone else stumbles across this. It seems that Math.Net can’t be used because it requires .NET framework 4.0 (System.Numerics). However, the older MathNet.Iridium should work.