can uscript communicate between two uscripts in your scene

This question is in regards to the visual scripting programme called Uscript which can be baught over the asset store.
like for instance you will have all of the global variables relating to your scene in one uscript and your character controller in another separate uscript and your third person camera in another uscript like you would do if you were scripting with c# or some other programming language, or does everything within each scene have to exist with in one uscript thank you.

Not at all-- you can have your work spread out over many visual scripts if you wish. uScript has many ways in which it can communicate, access, and share information between “graphs”.

One easy way to share variables across scripts is with exposed variables. We have a video about it here -

You may also want to join our uScript forum to get further information. Our developers are on their daily to help uScript users out.

Hope this helps!