Can we deactivate unity icon ?

Everything is in the question … I would like to know if it’s possible to deactivate the display of the unity icon (android build, but the question stays relevant for iOS). I don’t want to display an icon of my own, just access to the first scene directly.

I assume you’re talking about the splash screen, not the icon. In which case no, you can’t disable the splash screen. You can replace the default splash screen image with your own image if you have Unity Pro.

You can import a black image to hide it. But the main reason for the splash screen is that the app has to load all resources. This is actually a loading screen if i’m right… So I dont think that you can disable it…

You can create your own splash screen by simple trick:

  1. Create Scene in 2D, place your “This game is created by this great company” logo picture to whole screen with animations and effects.

  2. You must write script like, after N seconds load MainMenu scene.

  3. In build options you make splash screen scene first.

  4. when you launch, first it will show that is powered by Unity, after that it willshow that “This game is created by this great company”