Can we develop a game on Windows and then transfer it to Mac?

That’s it. My friend and I are going to develop a game and he’s the programmer and doesn’t have a Mac. He’s going to program the game on Unity for Windows and my question is if we can transfer the project to Mac then because we would like to release it for iPad, also other platforms.

Yes certainly. Just copy the whole project folder over.

Yes, you can, although I’m not sure if both systems use the same temporary files. To make sure that there are no problems with the transfer, you should probably do the same people do when they use a version control system:

  • Set Edit->Project Settings->Editor->Version Control to “Visible Meta Files”
  • Only copy the following folders “Assets” and “ProjectSettings”. You normally don’t need (and shouldn’t copy) any other folder or file from the project folder.

In case you encounter any problems later you can ask here again with specific details.