Can we hide AudioSource gizmos?

I have a few attached to my player object and they get in the way of debugging other visual cues. So, is there a way to hide the little speaker icons but still show the other gizmos?


Unchecking the box does nothing. What you instead should do is click the icon next to the checkbox and the gizmo will be hidden.

This has been fixed in unity 4.0. If you select the Gizmos dropdown on the sceneview panel you can click on the orange speaker icon next to Audio Source and it will turn it off

You can scale down the icons of the audiosources and lights in your scene, which is kinda like hiding them. Unfortunately Unity doesn’t have a hide/unhide function for these icons yet. On the Scene bar there’s a button called Gizmos (it’s above the widget to change orthographic camera views). At the top of the drop-down menu there’s a slider for Icon Scaling.

Old thread… but… there seems to be a glitch with this (for me anyway)
It works if I turn off ALL icons, but targeting just the Audio Source gizmo does not have any effect

I untick it, the icon still shows… screenshot attached

(unity version 5.3.5f1)

click on this icone and you will have all gizmos hiden from scene screen