Can we make 2-D characters in unity using java script?

We all know that we can make various 2-d shapes using javascript …

Such as the fuction rect(); will create a rectangle and so on.

Ex - rect(20, 40, 50, 80);

This function will create a rectangle in distance from x - axis 20 units, dist from y-axis 40 units, and 50 units long and 80 units wide.

I have been working on an online javascript training thingy, and i came about with numerous fuctions through which we can create very cute and amazing 2-d characters.

I want to ask that - Can we make 2-d characters like this using javascript inside unity, and mend them together, animate them and use in our game???

Please please help me. Your response will help me greatly.!!!

Yes it probably is but it will be very hard and tedious. It is probably easier to create textures or sprites using, for example, photoshop and then importing them into your project