Can we use the concept of inheritance in Prefabs in Unity?

Just had a simple yet mind scratching question that is there any way we can use Inheritance in Prefabs, For eg., I have a prefab Base Sword , can I create different prefabs that extend or inherit from the base sword prefab?
This way I can change some similar things that are in all swords in the Base Sword prefab, and then the “extended” or “inherited” prefab will reflect to the changes.

Just had a question. Hope to see the community’s opinion on this concept. Thank you.

Unity solution for this is called: Prefab Variants.

Prefab Variants are useful when you
want to have a set of predefined
variations of a Prefab

For example, you might want to have
several different types of
GermSlimeTargets in your game, which
are all based on the same basic
GermSlimeTarget Prefab. However you
may want some GermSlimeTargets to
carry items, some to move at different
speeds, or some to emit extra sound