Can Windows computers develop IOS games

Hello Lady’s and Gentleman…

I would like to know soon as possible please, if you can Window 7 computers can develop and publish IOS games/app??

Answer this A.S.A.P Please.!

Cheers - Tomlex Studios -

You can develop IOS games on Windows if it comes to:

  • Developing a game which means: placing objects, code, test and such.
  • Ability to build iOS target in Windows! It’s still necessary to compile resulting Xcode project on a Mac. ( since unity3D 4.3.0 )

However, you still need to build that XCode into an real application on an IOS machine… sadly. They say Microsoft pushed people to use software, but Apple is even worse with that, you have no choice at all. >.>

This sound interesting: IOS Build Environment for Windows

No they cannot, just like you cannot develop Windows Phone if not on Windows 8.