Can you access the parameters of an axis (e.g. Dead zone, Positive Button etc)?

Is it possible to access the button assigned to an axis through a script?

Something like Input.GetAxis("MyAxis").GetPositiveButton() ?

I’ve looked quite a bit around, but couldn’t find anything of relevance.

Unfortunately, there is no official support for accessing any of the values set in the Input Manager from scripting, though it’s been frequently requested for a very long time. Based on the roadmap, it seems likely that Unity is waiting until they can completely overhaul the input system to implement functionality like this.

There is a hacky, unofficial way to access and manipulate the data manually in the editor, so it is possible to add some sort of scene- or build- postprocess hook to update public fields of desired scripts to have the correct information assigned. Although if the player changes any input settings in the standalone launcher, it wouldn’t reflect those.