Can you access Win8 Sensor objects through c#

I was wondering if I could possibly access Windows8.Sensors through a c# script. Using something like:

using Windows8.Sensors;

I have a c# dll wrapper that I can include in the project as well that contains the Windows8.Sensor code (finding the guid creating a container for the object. The dll wrapper mainly access the System namespace like interop services, threading calls, and generics.

Well after messing around with the dll I was able to compile the script using calls from the dll. However when my script starts up and calls the function from the dll to retrieve all the sensors it crashes.

I have tested the dll in plain .Net code and it works without issues, so i feel something that the dll does is not a valid operation in Mono.

So the short answer to my question at this point is: No you cannot access windows8 sensor api through the windows 8 c# sensor dll to retrieve data from sensors.