Can you add an image to a RuntimeReferenceImageLibrary in Vision Pro?

We are trying to modify a MutableRuntimeReferenceImageLibrary at runtime adding diferent images depending on situation, so AR Foundation can track it. Is ScheduleAddImageWithValidationJob already implemented on Vision OS? If not, have you got an prediction on when it will be implemented?

Unity 2022.3.18f1
AR Foundation 5.1.2
Apple visionOS XR Plugin 1.1.6
PolySpatial visionOS 1.1.6

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Hi there! Sorry that you’re having trouble.

MutableRuntimeReferenceImageLibrary is not currently supported on visionOS. You will have to provide all of your reference images at build time. I don’t have an estimate for when we will be able to implement this feature, but please add an “idea” for it on the visionOS roadmap. That way we can track demand for this feature compared to other feature requests.

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I posted the same question in the different thread.

I also look forward to the implementation of the feature.

Thank you.