Can you add the Categories as on Unity Forum?

I guess, tags are not convenient and hard to find in the current UI


Tags are hard to find?

They allow for filtered search ( similar to categories) they also allow you to filter lists ( across categories, which should be a lot more flexible) by selecting tags your interested.

Can you explain why you find tags hard to find?

Yes, but they are numerous and are presented as a list without any logical organisation.

When the forums get ported over will we rely on tags to find stuff we need, or will the categories get recreated?


Hmmm, they are in tag groups ( I will check to se how we can bring that more to the fore) , and the list is at the moment Alphabetical and i did not think the list is to unwieldy,

You click here

PIck your fav tags from the list ( there is about 120 tags in total)

then you can filter your listings by those tags independent of the category, which means that you would see ( when forums move across) all the content for a particular tag whether its in a question or a forum post or ( potentially in time including technical blogs, whitepapers, documents or almost Unity entities )

But this is something that we will continue to take feedback on and investigate

This seems more than fine for the answers / QA section, but it seems a bit unwieldy if that exact same paradigm is used as is for the forums.

I agree that if you are searching for something specific, tags are probably faster. It also seems pretty good for making a custom “new posts” page where you exclude some tags you have no interest in (which was something I was missing in the old forums).

But for more …leisurely browsing and exploration, I think tags are a step down. Say I see the tag “Burst”, with the tag system I have zero context, with the old forums, I know it’s in the scripting category and it has a little description about it being about the compiler.

TL;DR I think tags are a bit more power-user-y and organised categories are a bit more newbie friendly… At least as far as reading goes, because I guess for posting an elaborate structure of multiple categories and subcategories might be intimidating and confusing (“where do I…?”).


The organization of legacy forums (Editor, Platform, General …) makes sense to me. Recreating this organization with tags here … seems like a pain to navigate and manage. Why not create additional forum categories and use tags for something else (i.e. questions, discussion, voting)?


So some of the logic that allows answers to be picked and voting and that are at a category level so we can’t simply replicate the functionality at the tag level.

We are also trying to come up with a solution which would enables us to migrate the forums over here, one of the concerns that was raised was the swamping of information and that we would need a clear demarcation between content types. Categories allows us to easily separate content types. and they have a lot of backend functionality hooked onto them

We are investigating how we can make this work ( one of the reasons we are in Beta is so we can learn and improve things) so a few questions

If we had a landing page similar to the forums which would allow you to have content filtered by tags automatically, so for instance clicking on editor would apply the relevant tags and filters the content to the same as you would see in the forums currently would that solve some of the issues?

if we added tooltip descriptions on tags would that help with navigation?

If we had a method of scanning the text of a post and automatically set the relevant tags so all content was correctly marked?

Would any all of these help ?

I believe the challenge you will encounter is that the Unity forums are effectively organized. Although the forum technology itself is outdated, the content is well-structured and highly relevant. A successful solution should aim to preserve this valuable knowledge and its corresponding organization.


I think, a bit, it would still be harder to leisurely browse and see what’s available.

Like… an LLM?

I mean, sure it would help making sure the content is organised, but the issue I’m describing is when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for and just want to browse. Again, for example, say I want to read about cool graphics, or some cool particle stuff, I can go to Graphics and there I can see “Ah, maybe VFX graph is what I want”. Here, I would see a list of tags, and even with tooltips I would have a worse time looking for what I want “Is Burst particles related, sounds particle-y to me? Guess not. Pixyz? Guess not” etc.

I guess this can only be solved by the tags having a “tree structure” of some sort, so that tags can contain other tags. Maybe that’s not possible with this forums software. Maybe a helper page that the tags organised in categories (and explanations?), so I can browse there and find what I want, and then I can search directly for the tag I want?


I understand the desire to unify everything under “Tags” but I don’t think it’s feasible. The internet has attempted that over and over again and yet we always end up with some other approach to organize data for specifically the reasons that the users in this thread are suggesting.

One major problem with “Tags” was immediately raised by @AcidArrow:

they are numerous and are presented as a list without any logical organisation.

The minute you start saying something like “Ahh, yes, well we’ll be adding hierarchical tags” then you are getting very close to creating the type of categorization that, well, Categories solve.

I would also point out that the Asset Store supports Tags but also requires that you submit your asset within an appropriate Category. Tags are used to enhance search while Categories are used to enhance browsing.

I’ve already voiced my own opinions to @Brach_Unity (at length :wink:). I’m just chiming in to reiterate my support for proper maintenance and usage of “Categories” here (they currently have issues).


I think a landing page that direct people towards the kind of questions and answers they want instead of dumping the entire space of questions on them will help with finding the correct stuff, but it will also help with just making the space feel better. The current front page is an intimidating mess.

But, again, I don’t think tags are the correct way to solve this! They’re too fine-grained, and people won’t tag things correctly because they don’t want to. They want to post their question and every popup you show them after they clock “post answer” that tells them to add the correct tags will be handled by just dumping random tags until the computer stops being annoying and the question goes through. That’s how humans work.

The beauty of subforums is that people enter them first, and then when they hit “create thread” it’s already categorized. They don’t have to do any work!

People don’t read tooltips. Ever. I don’t think tooltips are a UX solution, they’re just another thing we programmers invented so we could blame the user for not understanding how to use our software. Whenever I think to myself “maybe I should put a tooltip there”, I have to remind myself that the only person that will read the tooltip is myself when I test that it shows up properly.

Then you would be pivoting Unity into a pure AI company, as your solution for categorization would be much better than anything else on the market. Then you’d be bullying ChatGPT out of the market. Then you’d be raking in billions.
You’d not be spending time making adjustments to forum software for a game engine.

If you try to do that using an of-the-shelf LLM you’d just be spending a lot of money on making the problem worse.

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Tags offer a quicker navigation experience, particularly for creating personalized “new posts” pages by filtering out uninteresting tags—a feature lacking in the previous forums. However, for leisurely browsing and discovery, I find tags less informative. For instance, encountering the tag “Burst” provides no context, whereas in the old forums, it would be categorized under scripting with a brief description about its relation to the compiler.

In summary, tags cater more to power users, offering organization, while traditional categories are more beginner-friendly for reading purposes. The complexity of multiple categories and subcategories might be daunting for posting, leading to confusion about where to place content.

I have to agree with the majority of the comments here.

While I think tags are a good idea (and in fact in the old forums I always try to add tags to my new threads…), having a clear list or grid of “forums” would really help when you’re not coming to post about your issue (aka bottom-up) but more from a top-down approach.

Plus, having such a landing page allows to establish visual hierarchy, so the user knows that General, Beta and Editor are at the top, while Asset Store is at the bottom, etc.
It makes it much easier to browse.

This could be a good way (?)


Tags are designed with power users in mind, providing advanced organization capabilities, whereas traditional categories are geared towards beginners, making content easier to navigate. The intricacy of managing multiple categories and subcategories can be overwhelming when posting, often causing uncertainty about the appropriate placement of content.