Can you adjust components on a camera during live playback?

I could have sworn this was possible. I’m using 4.5 Pro and am trying to dial in color correction & bloom, which I can only preview during live playback of the scene. I’ll make adjustments and it will look perfect. But when I turn off live preview the settings revert back to before.

What am I missing?

Unity will serialize all of your data before playback and then restore it afterwards. Generally this is the desired behavior because you don’t want all your edited settings left in a pseudo random state after a play test.

However, often as in your case you want to edit things live because play mode is the only way to get the desired feedback.

There are various plugins to get around this but one that I personally use is called PlayModePersist. You can find it here: PlayModePersist

Hit Play, Make your Adjustments, Right click the component’s name you with to save the settings for, click “Copy Component”. Stop the editor, Right click the same component after the settings have reverted back to normal. Click paste values.