Can You Animate Main Menu Title?

So let’s say I have a picture that I made in Photoshop or something, and it’s the name of the game. Example picture: 29541-gametitlename.png

Could you animate it, either in Photoshop by making every little frame like you do with regular sprite animations, or could you do it in Unity? Or another way? I’m just asking because I’m interested in this topic. The kind of animations would be like tilting from left to right, up and down, looking like 3D or something. It doesn’t even have to look 3D, it could be 2D and still animated. So yeah is it possible?

Just export file as Png and in Unity import in sprite. Than look this video and google for more about unity sprite editor. You can drag yoru text to scene and move simple game object, or use the sprite editor to set each word or letter as separated part (sprite). Than using unity animations (first video) tyou can get any effect your want, like position, scale, rotation or even fading (with alpha) !

Object motion is straight forward, you can script it or use the built in animation UI.

For animating the look you will need to get creative, as the built in text functionality in Unity is the most basic.
Or last resort, like you mentioned, you will need to bake your animation using outside tools and use sprite sheets.

But if you need a ready to use solution, the asset store got one option for creating and animating high quality text in Unity, so I would suggest you check TextMesh Pro.
To give you one example of the type of title text you can create in Unity itself.