can you call a object after other object have been rotated?

something like i the arrow to face each other then after i face them an object will be called
can i called the object? how? pls
i want it to be specific to face each other then call the object something like puzzle maze or something

This is a difficult question to parse, so I may be interpreting it wrong. If I understand correctly, you want to detect if two objects are facing each other. Probably the simplest way to do this is to do a RayCast from each object, which would look something like:

float maxdist = 1000;
Ray ray1 = new Ray(obj1.position, obj1.forward);
Ray ray2 = new Ray(obj2.position, obj2.forward);
RaycastHit hit = new RaycastHit; // We just need this for the Raycast call

bool hit1 = obj1.Raycast(ray2, hit, maxdist); // True if ray2 hits obj1
bool hit2 = obj2.Raycast(ray1, hit, maxdist); // True if ray1 hits obj2

if (hit1 && hit2)
  // Do your stuff