Can you call script from another script ?

what i really need is when the object is on the scene it well call another script


public int Numper;
public Script ItemsScript;

i want if you started the game it well do it
void Start () {
Script = player
how can i do this

i know how to do it in javascript
but i need it on c#

like this
function Start () {
Find the OtherScript which is attached to any game object in the scene.
var other : OtherScript = FindObjectOfType(OtherScript);

private ItemsScript Script;

void Start()
Script = GameObject.FindwithTag("theObjectwithTheScript").GetComponent<ItemsScript>();
Script = GameObject.Find("theObjectName").GetComponent<ItemsScript>();


if its the game object use

Script = GameObject.Find(“theObjectName”).GetComponent();
Make sure you have no typo in the name! Also make sure to use not a name of script and name to access the script, use lowercase:

private Gold gold;
also you have a typo in the getcomponent! read my first answer again! Sorry my bad! I fixed my prob.