Can you change a variable based on the tag of an object?

Hey. I have a pretty basic question. This is not a problem i have tested because i don’t have access currently to Unity, but i would like to see if it is possible to use the following code.

  • I have three enemy prefabs: "Unit1, “Unit2” and “Unit3”. I want the code to know which unit it is so that it gives that unit a certain number of starting health points (i.e. 1 health point for unit1, 2 for unit2 and 3 for unit3).
  • I know how to assign each unit with health, but is the use of ‘(self.tag == “Unit1”)’ going to actually work?

Here is the code and thank you in advance:
var self : GameObject;
//self is the enemy prefab that this code has been placed on
var healthPoints: int = 0;
function Start(){
if (self.tag == “Unit1”){
healthPoints = 1;
if (self.tag == “Unit2”){
healthPoints = 2;
if (self.tag == “Unit3”){
healthPoints = 3;
btw I’m not sure if the code sample thing is working. If not, can somebody fix it?, because in the edittor it looks fine

Self might work, but I’m pretty sure gameobject.tag would work if not.