Can you do float + %?

I want to add a float by 2% but can’t. Already tried float += 2/100 but it won’t add up.

Any ideas?

how about

value *= 1.02f
That will increase the value by 2% of its current value (to a total 102% or 1.02)
If you want to add 2/100, like you wrote
value += 2/100
then you should know that 2/100 is an integer division and will evaluate to 0. Make at least one of those operands float by casting (float)2/100 or using float literals 2f/100f

I’m not quite sure what exactly your goal is. If you want to “add” 2% of the current value to the value, you have to do either

v += v * 2f / 100f;


v += v * 0.02f;


v *= 1.02f;

Which all do the same thing. Which means if “v” has a value of 100, the result will be 102. Though of course when you do it again, you will end up with 104.04 which is 102% of 102.

That’s all just basic algebra.