Can you grab the script and its name from a game object?

I am currently making a class-based RPG and as of right now I have everything working around one class. Sadly, by the organization, each class has its own script, and is named thus, instead of compiling all of their controlling scripts under one script. I realized it won’t work in the long run because the script components for each of the classes have different names and this will break the game when I add the other classes to the game because the script names don’t line up. I chose this method of organization because based on all my other coding experiences it is good practice to keep organized in that manner. Is there a way to grab the script name and bypass having to reorganize all my code or do I have to start moving all my classes under one controller? I am somewhat new to unity but not c-sharp nor object-oriented coding or rather coding in general. Please help! I obviously would rather not have to reorganize everything but I would also rather get it out of the way sooner than when there is even more to reorganize. Thanks!

Perhaps you should make prefabs controller Gameobjects for each class containing the specific scripts.

If this won´t help please describe what the script problem is about in detail, please.