Can you have multiple game objects animating in scene view?

For example, if I have 3+ characters in the scene (tab) window, and want all of them to continuously play their idle animations. Is that possible in Unity?

I’ve added an animator controller to each of the game objects (prefabs). I figured out, how to make 1 game object play their idle by hitting the play button in the animation (tab) window. I can’t multi-select the game objects and hit play, since only 1 game object appears in the animation window.

Is this something that’s possible in Unity? Besides making a zoo scene, and jumping in to the game.

Lastly, is it possible to have multiple game objects play their animations in the scene view, with particle systems emitting particles all at the same time?


You could try using ExecuteAlways

There is also ExecuteInEditMode

No guarantee but they allow you to run scripts in either both Edit and Play modes or just in Edit, as required.