Can you have multiple materials on a single polygon?

So I have a wall that’s one big square polygon, or maybe it is two triangles (faces) that make a square. Great.

Now I want to put multiple material(s) on that wall. For example:

  1. A wallpaper that tiles, covering the whole wall.
  2. A wall trim along the floor, starting at the floor, and covering about 1 foot up the wall.
  3. A few pictures on the wall, which would be non-tiling textures / materials.

I’d like for all these materials to be independently positionable, scalable, rotatable, etc. And all three appearing on a single polygon. How?

Hey there,

Yes you can do this but it all done in your 3d Modeling program. You set up your object to have multiple UV channels and when you bring it into Unity you will see more then one Material slot. There are a bunch of tutorials online about how to do this in what ever program you are making your stuff in.

You can have multiple materials on a single object, which will be rendered sequentially - transparent areas may let the previous material to show through. This could be used for the wall paper (first material) and the wall trim (second material). But the pictures would require additional polygons: child a quad to the wall for each picture, so that you can adjust their positions, scales and rotations independently (each picture must have its own material).