Can you help me disect this script?

Hey everyone. I have been following the 2DPlatformer Tutorial, the Lerpz one. Once I finished the tut, I began using its resources to tweak and modify its scripts and elements in an effort to learn more. I added some Pills (kind of like Coins in Mario games) as simple pick-ups, using code that I found here. The script (javascript) works for the most part, but there seems to be a slight bug. I am uploading the project folder to my 4shared account. The PPC mac binaries are outdated, and you will likely either be using intel or Windows anyway, so I am just uploading the whole folder. I was hoping someone could test it out, to see what I am talking about below:

Picking up the Pills works, but until you pick up your first one, and randomly afterwards, the blue I used to color the Pills shows as a cubed ‘cloud’ under Lerpz’s feet (but only when he is on the ground). I doubt it is the script I am using, I think it might be the way I implimented it.

Also, there are some half (and half complete) instances of enemy characters (my first attempt at 3d modeling, using blender) with the Walker script I found here as well. I have been wanting to modify the paths that each object takes, but the variables are alien to me. I have not encountered variables like that (although the majority of my programming has been limited to command line apps in python) so please overlook those. I put them aside for the time to learn more about using triggers.

So if anyone has any idea on where I went wrong, I would appreciate some input (regarding the Pill pickup mostly) on anything you might want to share. I have tried searching online, but I feel that the issue is with my understanding of how to implement the script, so even though I have found a great many resources, I think I am thoroughly missing the concept.

Thank you for any pointers you may be able to give me.

link to project folder:

I figured it out. It wasn’t the script. I had accidentally added the texture for the Pills to the smoke that appears beneath Players feet. All fixed up, and the above script works like a charm. Next step, making a sound when the pellets (pills) are destroyed, and some sort of animation. THanks Anxo for the tip on posting.