Can you help me get started with unity

Hi I am a 14 year old beginner game designer. I have gone through the tutorials offered by Unity but now I want to build my own game. I am focusing on a 3D first person game where you have to navigate through a maze to find either an exit or item and maybe an AI monster to chase you round. My question is do you have any recommendations for youtubers, tutorials and/or websites that can help me make my first game the best it can be.

The forums probably would have been a better place for this. Answers is more for specific questions rather than general discussion.

If your looking to do programming the Unity manual and API reference are key, as well as MSDN for c#/.NET specifics. From my experience the majority of video tutorials on youtube are bad, unity ones are good, I would recommend starting there. Learn Game Development Without Coding Experience | Unity

Your game idea might be cool with a horror theme. Little light, creepy sounds, etc.