Can you help me with arrays?

I know there is a solution to this. It seems that I used to know how to do this. Is there a way to make, say, an array, and in this array, have objects with “options” or more arrays?

You can use the class say for user (which has a name and a lot of friends). And we are going to add those friends name into array.

class user
		public string   Name     { get; set; }
		public List<user>  friendList      { get; set; }

Now make an object

user u = new user();
u.Name = name.str;u. = name.str;
u.friendList = new List<user>();

Now you can add friends of type user into the u’s friendList.

user friend = new user();
friend.Name = "john";
u.friendList.Add (friend);

Add as many friends in u’s friend list array as you want. And You can add friend of friend’s (array into array) and their Name (option).

I guess This is exactly, what you wanted :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s what you mean, but you can do 2-dimensional arrays:

var twoDArray: Transform[,] = new Transform[width,length];