Can you increase Emission shader lighting range, without scripting?

I have a LED Lantern that emits light via emission. However i am not satisfied with the results after baking it!

When I increase the emission rate, not only does the range of the light increases and the intensity of the light. But the Glow of my lantern also increase and when i have the desired lighting results, the glow looks absolutely horrible!

Normal lighting with emission set to 1:

Desired lighting with ugly glow with emission set to 4:

Now i’m wondering if there’s a way to get the desired lighting without the ugly glow effect, without any advanced programming.

any help would be appreciated!

bump, I have the same problem.

In your case of a lantern you could just put a point light in it. But for my scene there are these sort of ledstrips that go throughout a city, so I cant just add lights everywhere manually.