Can you install unity without administrator rights

I've saved the unity download to my computer it says "cant run without administrator rights so my question is can I install it with out them?

Well depends on the OS you have... With a majority of the operating systems you can easily download and install .exe and .msi files just by getting the administrator to type in there password when it is prompted.

Good luck i hope you can manage to get this to work and start or continue to use unity...

,I’m with you Grady, if you reboot your windows computer and select safe mode, it will disable every program except for the default programs. That means that the security check will be disabled so you can easily install anything without it asking you for admin permissions.

to go into safe mode in windows 7 you will see the screen that says start windows normally now you may have to press ESC to interrupt normal start up to get to that screen depending on your computer if you want to use internet while in safe mode use full for getting around blocks at school or if you just feel you may need it that’s really what it’s there for now windows maybe a pain and give you a pop-up saying it wont let you install it now if that happens just close it and go into safe mode with out networking now the sound may or may not work i don’t know how your computer will work there are other ways around it but your going to have to spend some time on the other ways hope this helps


If you’re running Windows 7, just right click the install file and click “Run as Administrator”… If that doesn’t work you could always change a password of an admin through command prompt it it isn’t protected from that… start, run, cmd. In cmd, net user Administrator x

Now the admin pass will be x. You should just need to do the “Run as Admin” thing though lol

On windows and Mac, I don't think that you can install Unity without the administrator's permission, but you could try booting your computer in Safe Mode (Windows) and then you can install the .exe unity setup file without needing an administrator. On mac, i don't know, i think your gonna have to get the admin to put their passsword in...

Hope this helps!