Can you make a worldwide PC game with unity?

So i’m making a game and I was wondering if it can be like Wizard 101, Rosh, minecraft etc. Also like would other people need unity to play it or can they just download it or would i have to show it to a game developer and if they like it could they sponsor it?

You can make whatever game you want in Unity.
Figuring out how to get it out to people and finding people to fund it is up to you, there are options like Steam’s Greenlight and KickStarter.

My current way of ‘getting it out to people’ is using deploying my games to a WebPlayer and hosting it on dropbox for friends to play using Photon Cloud for multiplayer. Its free and fairly effective for small groups.
Or just packing it as an executable and send to people you want to play it.

So in short, you can do whatever you can imagine if you have the time.

You Definitely Can! There are tons of Unity-supported Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games out there. For example: just yesterday, I started playing a MMO game called Dino Storm. And guess what it was supported by? You guessed it- Unity! So build away, my friend. You can make any type of game with Unity!