can you not load a 3d model using resources.load?

Hi. I have been spending quite some time trying to figure out why I cant load this 3D model using Resources.Load. I have the following code:

GameObject handle = Resources.Load("Handle_Avon") as GameObject; = "loaded";

I have checked everything a hundred times and they seem to be correct. even the model seems to be assigned to the gameobject since calling doesnt throw a NULL exception but it doesnt show up in the scene. what is going on here?

thanks in advance

Never mind. found the answer. so first you load the model to a gameobject which somehow turns to a prefab which seems to reside in your project but hidden, then you instantiate that prefab/gameobject and assign it to another gameobject! so basically the whole code would end up looking like this:

GameObject handle = Resources.Load("Handle/Handle_Avon") as GameObject; = "loaded";
GameObject handleGO = Instantiate(handle);

I don’t know why that’s the case or if I am ding it right but it works