Can you redefine functions with names like Update(), etc.?

I'm finding that I really like that name, "Update". I don't actually use the standard Unity "Update()" for anything; everything is coroutine-based, so it shouldn't cause me any confusion to make my own functions with that name. Is there some way to define a function with that name, in a class that derives from MonoBehaviour, and not have it be something that gets called every frame?

Maybe the link is helpful; I don't really know enough about the subject to tell.

You can't redefine the names of callbacks, but you could disable your scripts by checking the box by them in the inspector. This will stop Update() from being called by the engine.

No - Update will always get called in a MonoBehaviour derivative, The provided link is only for overriding a base function with the child one, which won't help as it's still going to get called by the engine