Can you rename a scene?

I’m a beginner so I have no idea. If you can, how? Also, does the scene name matter when the game is completed and you build it?

You can rename the scenes inside the Project/Assets/Scenes folder (instead of from inside the Hierarchy). Took a while to figure out.

I found that you have to make sure you’re on the name in the Assets panel of the Project tab. Double click it like you would with anything in Windows.

Also, I found that even in just saving it, you have to make sure your game isn’t running at all. I kept trying to save and it would give me the error sound, but no error notification. Took me a while to figure out what the problem was. (My play and pause button were blue.)

You should be able to click the scene once (in the editor), and then when you click it again, it should let you rename it.
That said, I have had trouble renaming scenes and I’m not sure why. In those cases, File->Save As. This will save it as a new scene. Then you can delete the old one.

The scene name doesn’t really matter, but having some kind of strategy and pattern to naming your scene can help when you get to the point of loading levels within your game.