Can you run a webplayer game on a Linux Webserver

I can run my game on my computer/local server (localhost) but when I download the game to the Linux Webserver (Hostgator Linux/CentOS) it will not execute. It appers that the unity3d isn’t executing since I put a GUI label in the beginning of the ONGUI method. No GUI shows up, only the html part.

There’s nothing stopping a Linux based webserver from serving up Unity content. Check that your webserver is configured to serve the unity3d content. You may need to request that hostgator responds to requests for the unity3d file. You can check this by simply entering the url to the unity3d file in a browser. If you get the unity3d file downloaded all is good. If you get an error message, then the server is not configured properly. Your google searching will have helped you locate: