Can you save a texture to android with orientation from unity?

So on android, when I’m loading images into my app from the gallery I use a native plugin which gives me the file’s location and orientation. Shortly after loading the image into a Texture2D I’d like to save it off again, except in a different location but with the same orientation.

Is there anyway to do this directly from unity?

Here’s the code I use for saving the image currently:

void SaveTextureToFile(Texture2D texture, string fileName)
    byte[] bytes=texture.EncodeToPNG();
    FileStream file = File.Open(Application.persistentDataPath + Path.PathSeparator + fileName, FileMode.OpenOrCreate);
    var binary= new BinaryWriter(file);

So I didn’t manage to find a direct solution provided by unity, but I did manage to solve the problem.
Here are the steps I took:

  • First I made a Texture2D in Unity the same size as the image I wanted to load. (After scaling & rotation)
  • Once you’ve done that you can grab the texture ID from it using GetNativeTextureID.
  • Now use some native code to load, scale, rotate and bind your desired image to the textureID.

The last bullet point is very platform dependent. in my case (Android) I used the BitmapFactory class to initially load the file and then the Bitmap class to apply my scale/rotation matrix, Then I used OpenGL to bind the image to the textureID.

I hope that helps.