Can you send network updates to only certain clients without using groups?

First, the question: Can I send State Synchronization data or RPC calls to a particular Network Player or group of Players?

Here’s the theoretical scenario: I have an Authoritative server setup that controls the global game state (position of objects, interactions, etc. Clients connect and are assigned a player class or role. Some clients can see and interact with only a subset of GameObejcts… say those physically near them or in a certain state. Clients may be able to interact with several different categories of objects… so say both “close” objects and “friendly” objects. In other words, some clients will NEVER need to know the state of certain GameObjects.

I know that assigning NetworkVies to different Network Groups would partially answer the question, however if I’m dealing with complex groups it doesn’t work.

Player A needs to see Objects 1 - 3
Player B needs to only see Object 1
Player C needs to only see Objects 1 & 3

Since I can’t assign multiple Network Groups to the same object I can’t solve it that way.

I investigated NetworkView.SetScope to solve this issue, but the documentation was lacking on it and I’m sure I wasn’t quite using it correctly.

So yeah, is there a way to tell Network View to only ever update certain Players?

Thanks in advance!

It seems what you need is relevant sets. You can choose which NetworkViews do not get updates from other (your specified) NetworkViews. Check .