Can you send Variables from C# to Unity?

Hi there.
Is it possible to send a variable form C# to Unity?

Details About my question

1 - Dont worry about the server, i already wrote it in c# so i have 2 console apps running, one server that listens to my mike, takes a word i say and creates the string i just said. then another console app that listens for that word the whole time gets that word and displays it as i say it.

2 - now that word i get with my one console app in real time, i need to get that sting (for example “jump” “walk” “action”) as words / string to unity.

3 - once it is in unity, i can use those words to make my character do the things i say.

so is there a way to get that string from my console app to unity in real time? (if real time is the right word im using)

– in the image i just counted randomly as an example. Now i have to get those results to unity

What do you mean by “server”? A simple TCP socket? LAN and / or WAN?

Basically yes. You can use the .NET socket class to connect to any kind of server.

Short question, short answer :wink: