Can you set a component (audio source) position manually

I’m trying to add audio components to various game objects but the component is not being centred on the object itself?
All of the game objects consist of parent/child objects with the audio source being on the parent.
In some cases the audio source is being placed 3-4 units away from object its supposed to be attached to?

Any ideas how I can remedy this ???


Not the biggest hardship but may just rebuild my gameObjects to make sure they are all centred. Would still be nice though to figure out why things are being added at an offset ?


As outlined in comments in this thread a solution can be to first assign a child object:

Right click (on Game Object) -> 3D object -> Cube

Make it invisible (by de-selecting Mesh Renderer) and position it freely with respect to its parent. Attach your audio source to the child:

Right click (on Cube) -> Audio -> Audio Source