Can you start an animation after the joints has blended to the start position of that animation?

Hey, I'm new and just started learning unity, I have searched, but had no luck finding an answer to my problem.

This is what I have now:

// Play the shoot animation
if (Input.GetButtonDown ("Fire1"))
    animation.CrossFadeQueued("shoot", 0.3, QueueMode.PlayNow);

And when pressing "fire" the shoot-animation blends in over a course of 0.2 seconds. I can lower this value to like 0.1, but that makes te motion too fast, and at 0.2 he never reaches the initial position of where the arms should be at when firing. Since it's only a gun recoil-animation it's also very short. I'd like to know what to do about it. I was thinking of having the blend start and as soon as unity have blended between arms at idle and the start frame of the shoot-animation I want the shoot-animation to start.

I hope someone understand and are able to help out! Thanks in advance

From what you're saying it sounds like poses in your idle animation and you fire animation are very different, which is not very good idea. You should always try to make poses as close as posible, because otherwise you'll get blends which do not look natural.

See this project: It can give you some good ideas.