Can you stream terrain with Unity Indie?

So for instance if I wanted to build a landmass that was 50 square kilometers, obviously I would want it to be divided and streamed in as necessary. Can you do that with the Indie version, or do you have to have Pro?

Streaming is Pro-only.

Try fireDude67’s answer first. You could also create terrain ‘on the fly’ by loading some type of data file (image or csv or whatever) and set terrain height params. There are many questions already answered on that particular subject, just search (google will find them)

Yes, you can.

However, it would be difficult. I don’t really have any ideas on how to do this, except by Loading in new “scenes” that each contain one terrain, then use DontDestroyOnLoad() (is that the right name? I’ve forgotten) then to “delete” a terrian, find its Name (i would organize them based on Position) and then Delete()'ing it.