Can you subscribe a delegate to an event?

If I assign a local method to a delegate, I can’t subscribe it to the event. Is this not possible?

Well, it’s not clear how your EAfterAttacking event is defined. However it most likely has it’s own delegate type. You can not just assign different delegate types to each other. However you should be able to create a new instance of the delegate type you want to subscribe to and pass your delegate as parameter to the constructor. Since we don’t know the delegate type of your event we can’t really show you any code. Though for reference, see this SO question.

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// just like that

Hi @Bunny83 , thanks for the answer! Below is the code I’m working with - apologies for me being a noob here, I can’t seem to paste the text properly. Appreciate any additional inputs you may have:

    public delegate void HeroesEvent(IHero thisHero, IHero targetHero);

    public event HeroesEvent EBeforeAttacking;

    private delegate void TestMethods(IHero thisHero, IHero targetHero);

    private TestMethods _testMethods;

    private void SubscribeTest(IHero thisHero, IHero targetHero)
        //If direct subscribe, there is NO error
        EBeforeAttacking += SomeLocalMethod;

        //If I try to assign the mehtod to a delegate with the same signature, I can't subscribe the delegate
        _testMethods = SomeLocalMethod;
        EBeforeAttacking += _testMethods;

    private void SomeLocalMethod(IHero thisHero, IHero targetHero)