Can you "swap and move" lightmaps?

I don’t know much about lightmaps in Unity3D.

Say you have, oh, a wall and the wall has a lightmap. (Perhaps it shows the shadow of something which projects from the wall.)

In fact, can you simply swap that lightmap for another lightmap?

Or for example, can you just “move” (offset) the lightmap? (Perhaps “moving the shadow” by doing so, for example.)

If yes, how do you do these things??

I don’t see much discussion or instruction about light maps in the doco or elsewhere. Any ideas? Cheers.

Assuming that your lightmaps are properly setup - or assuming that you can bake them at runtime with your own code - then yes: You can replace them.

The LightmapSettings class contains all (253) active lightmaps. You can switch them via the “Renderer.lightMapIndex” property. Lightmaps can be baked at runtime by filling a new LightMapData object with two textures holding your lighting-information.