Can you use an asset bundle to replace an existing scene?

If I include a scene in my application and also including it in a downloadable asset bundle, will the downloaded scene replace the embedded scene?

The reason I’d like to do this is so I can ship a game with a default set of scenes but have the ability to update them later on.

Not sure this would work… you’d rather have a naming conflict imo.

Why not ship the scenes as assetBundles from the get-go, to be downloaded on first launch?
It would make your initial app faster to download and you’d be able to maybe entertain the user during download.

That or you’d have to name them differently and always check for such a differently named scene before launching your original one… but this would seem kind of messy.
Plus it would take up additional space on the user’s device (since the original scene would always stay part of the app, even if not used).